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Aug 1, 2004

(BELLWOOD, Ill.) - What's all the rage for the first day of school?  It's not the latest digital gizmo, but a leap forward in everyday supplies - pens, pencils, markers and school boxes.  Paper Mate®, Sharpie®, Accent®, uni-ball®, FoohyTM, EXPO® and Eldon® today unveiled "cool tools for school" that are sure to add pizzazz to backpacks this fall.

"We want to help make the first day impression one that will last throughout the year," said Rory Leyden, President of Sanford North America, makers of the "coolest tools for school."  "From our self-advancing mechanical pencil -- the Paper Mate AdvancerTM, to new Sharpie Retractable markers with one-handed click action, these products are sure to be the best in the class."

Introducing "Cool Tools for School" - Class of 2004:

Paper Mate®

AdvancerTM Mechanical Pencil

There will be a quiet heard in classrooms across the country this fall with the absence of mechanical pencils click, click, clicking. Advancer, a headliner in Paper Mate's back-to-school writing instrument offering, minimizes lead breakage using its patent pending lead advance system based on a retracting tip and spring mechanism.  Parents can also rest assure that the Advancer's No. 2 lead works on all standardized and electronically scored tests.  Never again will you sharpen or click your pencil.  The new Paper Mate Advancer is a leap forward in mechanical pencils  "advancing" lead on its own.  Available in .5mm and .7mm lead sizes, this mechanical pencil comes in business (red, blue and charcoal) and fashion (orange, yellow, purple, red and green) colors.  The Advancer is available in 2-, 3-and 5-pack options for the suggested retail prices of $2.38, $3.57 and $5.95, respectively.


Paper Mate Tandem recognizes student's daily challenge of never having enough time by delivering a cutting edge, fashion forward tool to put a little more time on the clock.  The pen and highlighter combo saves time for students by eliminating the hassles of scrambling to find a highlighter and pen when you need it most.  Paper Mate Tandem has a comfort grip that twists to extend and retract the pen tip. The ballpoint pen features Paper Mate's patented Lubriglide® ink system for smooth lines and intense color, while the Accent® Highlighter delivers smear resistant ink for use on a wide variety of documents, such as ink jet printouts.  The highlighter unit may also be replaced with a refill when needed, so the Tandem can be used again and again. Tandem is available in blue, silver, purple, red and green ergonomic barrels with black and blue/black ink at the suggested retail price of $5.19 per combo.


Sharpie Retractable

Sharpie, celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, is "singled handedly" changing one of the boldest, most sought after school supplies.  The new Sharpie Retractable marker family is a fine point permanent marker series with no caps to lose and can be operated single-handedly - just click and write. The marker tip is protected from drying out by using a patented Safety Seal ValveTM system that closes tight when the marker tip is retracted. Sharpie Retractable markers are nontoxic and approved by the Arts and Crafts Materials Institute.

Available in 8-colors, including: black, red, blue, green, orange, berry, lime and turquoise in 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, and 8-packs at the suggested retail price of  $2.44, $4.89, $7.33, $9.78, $19.56, respectively.

Sharpie Earth Tones

Based on the hottest color trend reports, Sharpie introduces five ultra-rich earth tone colors - olive, burgundy, navy, marigold and plum. The new Sharpie Earth Tone markers are nontoxic and approved by the Arts and Crafts Materials Institute.  Available in assorted 5-, 8- and 17-packs at the suggested retail price of $5.95, $9.19 and $19.72, respectively.


Accent Retractable

Just click and highlight.  The Accent Retractable's easy push button offers highlighting with simply one hand.  The patented Safety SealTM  prevents drying out and eliminates the hassle of frequent capping and uncapping while using your highlighter. Accent highlighters are nontoxic and approved by the Arts and Crafts Materials Institute.  Available in five fluorescent colors of yellow, pink, orange, green and blue, Accent RT is offered in 2-, 3- and 5-pack options at the suggested retail prices of $3.09, $4.45 and $7.29, respectively.

Liquid Accent

Liquid Accent is now available in four new colors (red, berry, indigo and coral) - bringing the family to 10 colors. Monitor vibrant ink supply through the transparent barrel. This pen style highlighter features a versatile loop for clipping to a backpack or belt loop.  Liquid Accent highlighters are sold in 5- and 10-packs at the suggested retail price of $7.75 and $14.95, respectively.


Foohy Glitter Markers

What do you get when you mix bold, vibrant colors with glitter?  The answer -- Foohy Glitter Markers - great new tools that make school projects and crafts sparkle with no pumping or shaking required.  These markers are nontoxic and approved by the Arts and Crafts Materials Institute. Available in 8-packs that include aqua, purple, orange, pink, red, blue, yellow and green, Foohy Glitter Markers are sold at a suggested retail price of $5.63.

Foohy Gooshy Grips

These fun writing accessories are the perfect opportunity to spice-up an ordinary pen or pencil with a wild, cushiony feel.  Available in bright, glittery colors, including red, orange, purple, aqua, blue, light blue, fluorescent orange, fluorescent pink, fluorescent yellow and fluorescent green, these comfy grips make your pen or pencil stand-out.  Foohy Gooshy Grips are available in 10-packs at a suggested retail price of $1.85.



Marker w/ Built-In Eraser

The new EXPO dry erase markers feature a built-in replaceable eraser, that makes it easier and quicker to clean-up small changes on the dry erase board.  Its one-of-a-kind gripped cap allows for easy uncapping and recapping while the contoured barrel makes writing easy and more comfortable. New EXPO markers are available in both chisel tip (for larger dry erase surfaces) and ultra fine tip (for calendars and smaller dry erase surfaces) and include black, blue, red and green color options. Chisel tip markers are sold in 2-, 3- and 4-packs for the suggested retail price of $5.14, $7.70 and $10.27, respectively while ultra fine tips are sold in 2-, 3- and 4-packs for $4.44, $6.66 and $8.89, respectively. Chisel tip markers are sold in 2-, 3- and 4-packs for the suggested retail price of $5.14, $7.70 and $10.27, respectively while ultra fine tips are sold in 2-, 3- and 4-packs for $4.44, $6.66 and $8.89, respectively.



Fusion pens have clear ink in their barrels, but write in one of seven brilliant colors, including midnight, sky blue, amethyst, rose, citrus, ruby and emerald.  With their .6mm tip and contemporary styling, the pen series provide a smooth, bold line that's fun.  The new Fusion colors are available in 2-packs (green and red) and 4-packs (green, red, citrus and blue) at the suggested retail price of $4.79 and $9.25, respectively.


Swirls School Box

Here's an alternative to standard school material boxes with added functionality.  Introducing the SpaceMaker Swirls School Box - featuring an eye-appealing swirl lid design.  The Swirls School Box also has a snap shut latch that ensures your school supplies will remain safe and secure - while looking good doing it.  Available in four color options - metallic apple, flip purple, metallic sky and metallic gold - Swirl School Boxes are sold for the suggested retail price of $2.49.

About Sanford

Sanford, a division of Newell Rubbermaid Inc. (NYSE:  NWL), is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and marketing of writing instruments. The Sanford portfolio includes brands such as Sharpie®, Paper Mate®, Accent®, FoohyTM, EXPO®, Parker®, Waterman® and uni-ball®, among others.  Sanford makes more than 6,000 products ranging from markers, pens, pencils and professional art products, to correction, fine writing instruments and office organization. Headquartered in Bellwood, Ill., the Company has approximately 10,000 employees worldwide.

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