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How to Make an Animal With a Cool Outline.

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Step 1

First, choose a template of the animal's outline. Copy (or trace) this onto a piece of paper lightly with pencil. My template is just a circle. NOTE: Do NOT include EYES, NOSE, OR MOUTH. They will make your drawing look cluttered and messy. Stick to the outline.

Step 2

Next, choose 3 or 4 sharpies in the same color sheme. I chose red, orange and yellow. You will also need a plain black sharpie.

Step 3

Now you are going to draw the part the part that will actually be seen. The wavy outline. Start to draw wavy block lines that are different in length and width. They should also have branches at the end. they can branch off into 1, 2, or 3 branches. Make sure to alternate and don't make a pattern. (SEE CIRCLE)

Step 4

Now, once the pencil wavy lines are done, trace them in black sharpie. Don't mess up! When you are done, you should have a general idea of what the animal looks like.

Step 5

Now is when you need your 3 or 4 sharpies. Now, color in the black wavy lines. Make sure to avoid color patterns. DO NOT do something suck as... ...light blue, green, light green, light blue, green, light green... ...light blue, light blue, green, light green, light blue, light blue... Alternate colors every time. This is why it is better to have 4 colors than 3, because you can alternate more.

Step 6

Now, erase the extra pencil (this is not necessary if you used light pencil marks) NOTE: It's better to use light pencil marks -one, they are easily erased -two, no marks will be left behind and the pncil is less likely to smudge. Now, once the pencil is erased, you are done! THIS IS MY FINISHED HORSE. :)

About this how to

This is how to make a cool animal abstract outline type thing. I am using a circle for the demo. Hope its good!

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