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New Colors And Impact Added To Just How You Use Your Sharpie®

Jan 1, 2002

(Bellwood, Ill. - New for 2002) - Men call it green, women call it lime- pink, berry; blue, aqua; green, turquoise. Regardless of what you call the new colors from Sharpie, they bring impact and permanent color to just how you use your Sharpie. The Sharpie brand of permanent markers, the world's leading marker family, introduces four new colors, including lime, berry, aqua and turquoise to its line of Sharpie Twin Tip, Sharpie Ultra Fine and Sharpie Chisel Tip permanent markers. The announcement extends new colors to virtually all Sharpie permanent marker products, including Sharpie Fine Point, which announced lime, berry, aqua and turquoise in late 2001.

"Years ago the Sharpie fine point black was the only Sharpie permanent marker," said Bob Daenen, senior brand manager for Sharpie. "Now, not only does Sharpie offer a wide number of tip sizes, we have a spectrum of colors too. Sharpie permanent markers are as versatile as your ways you use them."

Sharpie permanent markers, widely known as the preferred autograph pen, are used in every walk of life and in every profession. From arts and crafts to labeling boxes, the full line of Sharpie markers well-suited for virtually any project when permanence and color is important.

Available wherever writing instrument are sold, Sharpie Twin Tip comes in five-packs sold at a suggested retail price of $10.55; Sharpie Ultra Fine comes in five- and 12-packs, sold at a suggested retail price of $5.75 and $13.80, respectively; and Sharpie Chisel Tip comes in one-, two-, four- and eight-packs at a suggested retail price of $1.69, $3.29, $6.49 and $12.95, respectively. Sharpie Fine Point in the four new colors are available in four- and 12-packages sold at a suggested retail price of $4.60 and $13.80, respectively.
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