YOU: "Between school, sports and social life, trying to keep track of everything I have going on is out of control.

There's gotta be a better way."

SHARPIE®: "We feel you. And there is—it's called bullet journaling."

You're on top of all the cool trends when it comes to clothes, music, and celebrities. But one you maybe haven't heard of is bullet journaling.

Basically, it's a smarter, more efficient method for organizing your life—so you can get more out of it. Different from a planner, and more fun and efficient than a digital device, a bullet journal is a simple pen-and-paper way to:

  1. Create a calendar
  2. Take notes
  3. Create and track to-do lists
  4. Remember important dates
  5. Personalize your journal in your own style
  6. And tons more

Check out how it works here: www.bulletjournal.com

Old-school meets new-school in this hardcopy life hack that actually makes organizing a joy. So, stock up on Sharpie Permanent Markers and discover your bullet journaling bliss.


The best part: all it takes is a blank journal and a pen. So naturally, Sharpie—with a brilliant array of boldly-colored inks and versatile tips—has all the right writing tools for the task at hand:

NEW Sharpie Art Pens: With 21 brilliant, no-bleed colors for writing nonstop notes and tasks while keeping your pages clean, neat, and smudge-free.

Sharpie Ultra Fine and Metallic markers: With over 30 bright, pop-off-the-page colors plus shiny metallic inks ideal for doodling, sketching and drawing to personalize your journal inside and out.

Sharpie Clear View™ Highlighters: With a clear, see-through tip that ensures you only highlight only the exact text you want—and nothing that you don't.

Sharpie Fine Markers: Let you write with clean, sharp lines in compact writing spaces so you can fill in every can't-miss detail.