YOU ARE: A natural hand-crafter with a penchant for plants to liven up your décor. Nothing injects life into indoor spaces like plants fresh from Mother Nature's garden. And while your neighborhood nursery is teaming with plant life in every variety under the sun, some are easier to care for than others.

An easy-care option that thrives indoors, Succulents are the perfect ornamental for the hands-off horticulturalist. With thick, sturdy stems and fleshy, water-storing leaves, succulents survive just fine with minimal watering and direct light. But once you get them home, they'll need a home of their own.

For best results choose a planter material that hasn't been fired with a clear enamel coat.

A Sharpie® permanent marker is just the thing with our easy DIY Succulent Planters. A fast, fun way to add bright color and artful design to complement the plants' soothing greens, Sharpie Succulent Planters are a cinch to create in about 30 minutes with a handful of inexpensive materials.


Limited-Edition Sharpie Color Burst, Permanent Markers in Fine, and Ultra-Fine Points

Plain white cement, porcelain or ceramic succulent planters that can be found at most dollar stores for a few bucks each.

Succulent plants that fit the planter size you selected with room to grow.

Potted plant soil

Painter's or Washi tape

Adult supervision is required.

STEP 1: Plan out some simple hand-drawn designs using dots, slanted lines, triangles, or circular swirls—you name it.

STEP 2: Use painter's or washi tape as a straight-line guide for linear patterns TIP: Create patterns around the base and top rim of the planters leaving some white space in the middle.

STEP 3: Draw your customized designs on the planters with various Sharpie markers. Match bold black with bright, eye-popping colors for dramatic contrast. Go crazy with color—the planters are your personal canvas.

STEP 4: Set aside for a few minutes to dry.

STEP 5: Plant your succulents with potted soil, and water according to the plant instructions. Sit back and admire your handiwork.

STEP 6: Place the succulents around your home where you'll see and enjoy them every day. If not near windows, simply set your succulents outdoors from time to time for a dose of direct sun.

OPTIONAL: Spray or brush on a couple light coats of lacquer or varnish for glossy, clear-coat finish. 

High-five, happy hand-crafter! And for those inspired to pay your succulent talents forward, create some extras to give friends as housewarming or office gifts.