SHARPIE LETS YOU UNCAP ORIGINAL CREATIVITY. For bold and passionate individuals daring enough to make their mark, the consensus is clear: Sharpie is the ultimate visual communication tool for creative expression with incredible COLOR, CONTROL and CONVICTION.

SHARPIE LETS JASON WU CREATE WITH CONFIDENCE: Only Sharpie permanent markers let you boldly leave your mark. And Jason Wu does it on a daily basis by creating revolutionary clothing designs that bravely push the fashion world forward.

The epitome of courage in creativity, leading global design talent Jason Wu has built one of the hottest fashion brands by defying boundaries, breaking rules, and pursing his passion on his own terms. Known for making clothes that are beautifully crafted from the inside out, Jason uses Sharpie markers daily to bring his design visions to life - from imagination to fabric to runway.

For inside insight into Jason’s bold lifestyle and individual design process, listen to our in-depth interview with him HERE.

BRING YOUR OWN CREATIONS TO LIFE: Whether you’re an aspiring fashion designer with dreams of seeing your designs on the runway, or a would-be artist honing your craft, Sharpie markers can help bring your original visions and creations to life: