Whether you fill them with fresh-cut flowers or use them as a design accent, diy decorative vases - styled your way with a Sharpie® marker - are a great way to add artful flair to any living space.


  • White porcelain or ceramic vases OR
  • Repurposed glass bottles
  • Glue solvent
  • White spray paint
  • Washi tape
  • Set of Sharpie METALLIC Markers


01  Pick out several large vases from any home store. For a MODERN MINIMALIST look, choose white vases with a sleek, geometrical silhouette. Or go for the on-trend RECLAIMED look by “upcycling” glass bottles from around the house, such as sparkling water or wine bottles, with a distinctive shape.  

TIP: To create a centerpiece of multiple vases in one setting, change up the shapes and sizes from short and round to tall and thin for an eclectic mix. 



02  Wipe down vases with a clean, damp cloth for a dust-free writing surface. For repurposed glass bottles, scrape off any labels and use a glue solvent to rub off the gooey residue.  

TIP: Soaking bottles in water for 30 minutes helps loosen labels so they come off more easily and cleanly. 


03  Spray-paint your base color using a fluid motion from 8-12” away to avoid drips. Wait 15 minutes, then re-spray to ensure a thick and uniform basecoat. Let stand for 2-3 hours until paint is dry to the touch. 

TIP: To create a centerpiece of multiple vases in one setting, change up the shapes and sizes from short and round to tall and thin for an eclectic mix. 




04  There are no limits or rules to how you decorate your vases. But linear patterns can be easiest to start with before graduating to more complex geometric designs.

  • HORIZONTAL RINGS: Starting from the base up, draw closely spaced rings around the vase. Use a series of thin lines in black ink, then add in a thicker accent line in color, and repeat the pattern.
  • HORIZONTAL DASHES: From the bottom, draw 1/2” long, closely spaced dashes in even rows around the vase. Reverse the angle of dashes with each row—first row slightly up to the right, next row above it up to the left, and repeat.
  • GEOMETRIC PATTERNS: For the confident drawer, graduate to more complex freehand geometric designs:
  • INTERLOCKING RINGS in spaced rows from the base of the vase up (think chain-links).
  • DIAMONDS: Offset each row of spaced diamond shapes around the vase to achieve a bold and striking pattern.

TIP: Use Washi tape to add colorful graphic stripes to your vase and to set straight lines to follow for the marker.