BOLD TO THE MAX, PERMANENT TO THE CORE. It’s the Original Permanent Marker born for original, unruly, courageous, outrageous self-expression that always leaves a bold mark and never, ever fades from glory.

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NEVER A DULL MOMENT. Electrify your message with Sharpie® Neon, make it stand out with Sharpie® Metallic, and weather any forecast with Sharpie® Extreme.

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This 2-in-1 creative marker tackles practically any writing task.

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MASTER IT. An art line created just for creators – pros, amateurs, and general artsy types alike. Sharpie® Paint, Sharpie® Stained, and Sharpie® Brush Tip. 

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GET THE JOB DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. When a tough surface calls for an even tougher marker, Sharpie PRO® is there for you. 

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